Move cards are used, once per battle, to increase the power of your battling dinosaur and/or give them Special Effects! Generally, like Dinosaur Cards, the better Move Cards are hard to find. Some move cards are so powerful they are Super Move Cards, and they can only be used by a Dinosaur with the same Element as they have. Some Super Move Cards are even more powerful they require the Dinosaur using them to have the same Element AND Rock-Paper-Scissors icon, but this isn't for nothing, as they are some of the most powerful cards in the game! Click here to see anatomy of move card. Some move cards are fusion moves. These are Super Moves that have [Fusion Move] in their text. They are more powerful than regular Super Moves, as they have the same requirements, but you must also have another Dinosaur in play with a ceratin Element and Rock-Paper-Scissors icon too! Electric Ivy is a perfect example of a Fusion Move. It can be found by scrolling to the left from here.

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